Horror in the Windy City RPG Setting for Whispers in the Dark

Created by Matt Corley

Pre-orders are open for Horror in the Windy City RPG campaign. Whispers in the Dark, The Devil's City, Lamp's Light Sanitarium, and other SMS products are available at DriveThruRPG under Saturday Morning Scenarios. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14738/Saturday-Morning-Scenarios Horror in the Windy City brings the excitement, intrigue, and beautiful chaos of the time period to your table using the 5e rules you already know as adapted by the acclaimed Whispers in the Dark RPG written and developed by Matt Corley and M.T. Black. The beautifully illustrated 180+ page book is a fully realized campaign sourcebook covering Chicago in the latter half of the 19th century. There are new rules, backgrounds, a new alignment system, NPCs, scenarios, and more. In short, it’s everything you’ll need to take your party of investigators to Chicago. It will be up to them to find their way out. Extensive Worldbuilding. Horror in the Windy City is written to provide the GM with everything needed to play multiple campaigns in its borders. The major events, and the forces behind them, are explored with scenario hooks and evocative details for the GM present to their players. Chicago’s historic neighborhoods and locations: Englewood, Lake Forest, St Charles, The Cabbage Path, the Stockyards, Wrigley Field, Lake Michigan, and others are presented with scenario hooks, and NPCs of note. The Dreamlands' incursion into Chicago has had profound effects on the city. Particularly in areas of heightened emotions, tension, and violence. Find out what’s happened, and continues to happen, behind the veil of sleep. No story of Chicago is complete without an in-depth look at the public clubs, secret cabals, gangs, and gangsters running the city. From the public faces, to the puppeteers pulling the strings, dozens of new NPCs and organizations are detailed.

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